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Working Safely with Amazing Sculpt[+ -]

Using Amazing Sculpt can be rewarding with its almost limitless potential and we want to make sure that you are able to use it safely for years to come. In order to do this, you need to understand how to use it to minimize the risks associated with handling epoxy resins. There are chemicals in epoxy resins like Amazing Sculpt, and all other 2-part epoxy clays on the market for that matter, which mimic amino acids and can be easily absorbed into your skin. Eventually, they build up in your system and your body rejects accepting any more. At this point, your body becomes allergic to the product, it's known as "skin sensitization". Skin contact is the most common means of exposure to the uncured resins and hardeners which are the two parts that make up the Amazing Sculpt. To avoid skin sensitization from happening, we suggest you wear disposable gloves while mixing the Amazing Sculpt and use a barrier cream like SBS 46 while sculpting with your hands. If you already wear glasses, your eyes are probably already protected but safety goggles can be worn over them for added protection against getting dust in your eyes while tooling out the fully cured Amazing Sculpt. A dust mask will help keep you from inhaling any particles which can irritate your respitory system. Also, work in an environment which is adequately ventilated and make sure that your work environment is easy to clean so you don't contaminate other areas of your shop or studio with uncured Amazing Sculpt. Clean off your work surfaces of any uncured Amazing Sculpt while it is still soft. Use Denatured Alcohol to wipe down my counterspace after applying Amazing Sculpt to your sculpture.

If you plan to mix up the Amazing Sculpt with gloves instead of a barrier cream, wipe off the gloves with Denatured Alcohol before taking them off. You should be able to use the gloves several times before disposing of them, if you clean them off after mixing up the product. Make sure to take off the gloves when you are doing anything else besides sculpting with the Amazing Sculpt. You don't want to contaminate door handles, light switches, furniture or containers because you might be handling these things later without your gloves on. Although Amazing Sculpt is a safe product to sculpt with, you don't want to ingest it. That means you need to keep this away from small children and pets. You don't want them eating it either! Kids and pets have a way of putting things into their mouths that just shouldn't go there. By keeping your Amazing Sculpt in a safe place high out of the reach of children and pets, you will keep them safe as well.

Knowledge is power and we feel strongly in full disclosure of our products. We feel that MSDS sheets should be readily available for anyone to view, whether you purchase our products or not. We also feel that you should be able to obtain the MSDS information on any art product without having to be a medical doctor with a medical emergency before you know the health risks associated with any product. If a manufacturer doesn't have their MSDS online, what are they trying to hide? If they says their product is non-toxic or non-hazardous, ask for their MSDS, especially if the label says "Conforms to ASTM D4236".

What is the proper way to mix Amazing Sculpt? [+ -]

Amazing Sculpt is designed to be mixed at a 1 to 1 ratio. Start by taking equal portions by volume of Parts A & B. It helps to form each part into a ball. Place both parts side by side and adjust the amount of resin or hardener until both portions are the same size. Mix by combining both parts into a single ball, then into it into a rope. Fold the rope in half and form a ball. Repeat process until you have a uniform color.

Do I need to wear disposible gloves? [+ -]

It is recommended to wear gloves when mixing parts A & B.

I can't sculpt with disposible gloves, what can I do? [+ -]

Use a barrier cream like SBS 46. Rub it on your fingers and you are good to go. Ask for SBS 46 when placing your order.

My Amazing Sculpt is sticky immediately after I mix it, what can I do? [+ -]

We made Amazing Sculpt sticky right after mixing to address the concerns of sculptors needing better adhesion not found with other clays. At the same time, others don't want the stickiness. To reduce the initial stickiness, let Amazing Sculpt rest 5-10 minutes after mixing before using. Cooling it in the freezer also works well to remove stickiness. To stop Amazing Sculpt from sticking to your sculpting tools or gloves, apply Amazing Smoothing Solution or Denatured Alcohol to them.

Can water be used to smooth Amazing Sculpt? [+ -]

Water can be used, but the results will be poor. To get a glass smooth finish, use Amazing Smoothing Solution or Denatured Alcohol. Denatured Alcohol works very well and can found in the paint section of any hardware store, Warning: it is highly flammable.

A major problem using water with any 2-part synthetic clay is delamination or "popping". This happen when layering clay on material like resin and cellulose acetate using water. Since water evaporates slowly, the clay can full cure with moisture trap between the layers. When the material is exposed to warm weather, the trapped moisture can expand and separate the layers causing delamination. We recommend Denatured Alcohol to eliminate delamination when layering Amazing Sculpt because it evaporates quickly. Denatured Alcohol can be found in any hardware store in the paint section for around $4.00 a quart.

Can Amazing Sculpt be painted? [+ -]

Yes, you can use a variety of paints including acrylic, enamel, oil and/or pastels. Before painting, clean the surface of your artwork with alcohol to remove dirt, oil and fingerprints. We recommend that you primer the surface of your Amazing Sculpt before painting using Tamiya's "Fine Surface Primer".

Does Amazing Sculpt come in other colors? [+ -]

Currently, Amazing Sculpt comes in White and Natural. You can create your own colors by adding dry pigment powder to Part A. If you want a lighter color, add colored pigment powder to White Amazing Sculpt part A. If you want a darker color, add your dark colored pigment powder to Natural Amazing Sculpt part A. It only takes a little pigment to color Amazing Sculpt, so don't over do it.

I want to put a glaze on Amazing Sculpt. Can I bake it in the oven? [+ -]

Yes, you can bake cured Amazing Sculpt up to 350 degrees F, but try baking a test piece before baking your artwork.

Does Amazing Sculpt have an odor? [+ -]

Yes, the dead air space above the product in the tubs can accumulate an odor. Once the tubs are opened, the odor quickly dissipates.

How do I vary the working time? [+ -]

Amazing Sculpt cures with ambient temperature. Every increase of 18 degrees F will cut your working time in half. To speed up the working time to a few minutes, use a hair dryer. To slow it down to up to 3 days, put the mixed Amazing Sculpt in the freezer.

What is the approximate coverage for Amazing Sculpt? [+ -]

1 pound of Amazing Sculpt at a thickness of 1/8 of an inch will cover about 1 square foot.